Tackling Cyber Risk: Tenable announces expansion of Lumin to all customers

In our contemporary cyber-centric society, the need for organisations to have insight into cyber exposure is essential. These indispensable insights help to guide strategic decision making, facilitate the deployment of technological and personnel resources and aid budgetary decisions, all the while increasing an organisation’s cyber posture.

Tenable has announced an extension of the Tenable platform which will bring Tenable Lumin to Tenable.sc for vulnerability management on-premises.

Tenable Lumin provides traditional risk management metrics for cyber vulnerability management for over 1.5 billion instances of vulnerability per week. This allows organisations to alleviate cyber risk through accurate and actionable measurements of cyber exposure, both within the company and against industry peers. The need to evaluate cyber risk has never been higher, and Tenable Lumin provides a platform to leverage the power of the cloud and machine learning to accurately score, trend and benchmark corporate cyber exposure.

“Tenable Lumin is a game-changer for cybersecurity,” said Ofer Ben-David, chief product officer, Tenable. “In an industry first, we’re giving Security and Business the visibility and data they need to translate technical jargon into business insights that drive strategic decision making.” Following customer feedback nearly a year ago, Tenable started a “Predictive Prioritisation innovation to help organizations with threat-centric vulnerability remediation”. The response to Lumin has been extraordinary and has been acclaimed as “another innovation milestone for the industry to drive the transformation from a technology to a risk-based approach to vulnerability management and overall security programs”.

There are three innovative of Tenable Lumin:

  • Cyber Exposure Score – This provides an objective measure of cyber risk, through analysing vulnerability data and third party data, such as threat intelligence and asset criticality. This score enables companies to effectively prioritise cyber risk.
  • Cyber Exposure Benchmarking – An organisations cyber exposure score can be benchmarked against industry peers. Thus, providing an organisation with added insight on their overall cyber risk posture.
  • Remediation guidance workflow – Tenable Lumin will help to reduce an organisations cyber exposure score through providing security teams with recommend remediation actions. Security teams can then identify specific vulnerabilities and assets that require mitigation.

In today’s cybersecurity climate, organisations need a holistic view of cyber risk. Products and services that help organisations elevate cyber risk to that other risk management disciplines through accurate and actionable measurement of  cyber exposure are critical for developing a holistic overview.