Chrome OS Bug Started Mistakenly Sending ‘Final Update’ Notifications

An anonymous reader quotes 9to5Google: Like it or not, Chromebooks do have something of an expiration date when you purchase them, namely that one day they’ll stop receiving updates. Thankfully, that date is typically over five years after the Chromebook’s original release. For some, however, Chrome OS has been wrongly indicating this week that their Chromebook has received its “final update” many years too early.

Just like the Chrome browser on desktop and Android, Chrome OS has four different update “channels” — Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. Each one of these after Stable trades a level of stability for more rapid updates, with Canary receiving highly unstable updates almost every day. People who are bold enough to put their Chromebook on Dev or Canary have been facing an interesting new issue for the past few days. Upon restarting their device, Chrome OS immediately displays a notification warning that “this is the last automatic software and security update for this Chromebook.” Of course, if you’re seeing this message this week, there’s a decent chance that this is not actually the case.

Instead, these final update warnings are caused by a bug in the most recent versions of Chrome OS.