New App Gives Free Movie Tickets To People Who Watch 15 Minutes of Ads

MoviePass’s original founder and CEO is launching a new company, reports IndieWire, “to score viewers movie tickets for the low, low price of sitting through 15 to 20 minutes of advertisements.” Before you point out that everyone already does that when they watch trailers in the theater, know this: PreShow wants to utilize facial recognition and track how much attention you’re paying to each ad. “If it weren’t for facial recognition, I don’t think we could still do it,” Stacy Spikes, PreShow’s founder and chief executive, said in an interview with CNET last week. “If not, they could game this all day long.”

Here’s how it works, per CNET: “Forgoing a password, PreShow’s app will only unlock with your phone’s facial recognition technology. And while you’re watching the ads to earn that free ticket, your phone’s camera monitors your level of attention. Walk away or even obscure part of your face? The ad will pause after five seconds.”

It’s being launched through a Kickstarter campaign, which describes PreShow as “the first ad-supported moviegoer network,” saying that the service will be available this July. It also promises that the ad content “is high quality, entertaining, and is an entertainment value in and of itself…”

And though it monitors your face, “Privacy is a top concern. Nobody is recorded, no personally identifiable data is shared, all data is aggregated and anonymized to brand partners.”