Live Regcast: Ex-CISO and coal-face engineer Scott King shares his advice on becoming a pragmatic security leader

Promo What does it take to reach a leading role in the security field? There are different paths to take to get there: some go directly from analyst to leadership, others have a more technical background in general IT, or excellent tactical skills acquired in a consultancy or vendor role.

The mental shift from tactical to strategic, from hands-on delivery to communicator and facilitator can be challenging. Communicating with business leaders requires a different approach to talking to technical teams and (as old habits die hard), it can be tempting to slip back into the weeds, especially if an incident occurs.

Tune in to our live webinar airing now to hear Scott King, an experienced systems engineer and former CISO at Boston-based security firm Rapid7, share the wide-ranging knowledge he has gained over his long career in IT security.

Scott offers valuable hints and tips on how to balance strategy and tactics, how to deliver at every stage, and how to understand the benefits of pragmatism in your security role. So, don’t miss out: hit up the link above.

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