Vuln: Microsoft NuGet Package Manager CVE-2019-0757 Tampering Security Bypass Vulnerability

Bugtraq ID: 107285 Class: Failure to Handle Exceptional Conditions CVE: CVE-2019-0757 Remote: No Local: Yes Published: Mar 12 2019 12:00AM Updated: Mar 13 2019 09:00AM Credit: The vendor reported this issue. Vulnerable: Mono-Project Mono 5.20
Mono-Project Mono
Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac 0
Microsoft NuGet 4.9.4
Microsoft NuGet 4.8.2
Microsoft NuGet 4.7.2
Microsoft NuGet 4.6.3
Microsoft NuGet 4.5.2
Microsoft NuGet 4.4.2
Microsoft NuGet 4.3.1
Microsoft .NET Core SDK 2.1.500
Microsoft .NET Core SDK 1.1
Microsoft .NET Core 2.1
Microsoft .NET Core 1.1
Microsoft .NET Core 1.0 Not Vulnerable: Microsoft .NET Core SDK 2.1.505
Microsoft .NET Core SDK 1.1.13
Microsoft .NET Core 2.1.9
Microsoft .NET Core 1.1.12
Microsoft .NET Core 1.0.15