Inspiring The Next Generation Of Women In Tech At WhiteSource

With International Women’s Day upon us, we wanted to hear from some of the ladies who are leading the way forward at our company on what brought them into this field, their challenges, and their advice for other women considering tech as a potential career.


We caught up with Ofir Kainan and Adi Rashkes who have both joined the Research and Development department at WhiteSource over the past year and a half as developers on the Knowledge team.

From Rocky Beginnings To Sure Footing

Both Kainan and Rashkes had strong backgrounds in math during high school but say that they were dissuaded from getting involved in tech when they were younger. Unlike many developers, neither grew up on video games or other gadgets where techies often gain their first introductions into programming and tech culture.


Kainan says that her brothers who were working as programmers told her that it wouldn’t be a good field for her despite her high matriculation scores in math. “They told me that I wouldn’t like it,” she says and chose instead to study neuroscience.  


In speaking with both Kainan and Rashkes, they cite that the overwhelming male majorities in the tech spaces made it unappealing for them when they were younger. Rashkes notes that she turned down an opportunity to join the Israeli army’s IT unit, saying in retrospect that being one of the few women in the cadre that were invited to the entrance exams lowered her interest in the technology sector.


However, in roundabout ways, the two ladies found their way into the tech space. Using her neuroscience background, Kainan worked as an analyst on neural networks in one of her first jobs where she says that she was lucky to have a boss who steered her into (Read more…)

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