Beauty Out of Chaos: Elevating Cybersecurity to an Art Form – Part 2

Art and cybersecurity are not two worlds usually seen sharing the same orbit. But at Trend Micro we believe there’s a vision, a mastery of skill and a passion which unites both. It’s an approach we’ve spent the past three decades honing as serious barriers have emerged to challenge IT efforts to support the business.

This enables us to provide the solutions and information IT teams need to give businesses the confidence to drive digital innovation and growth.

Sleepless nights for CISOs

As I explained in part one of this two-part series, we live today in a chaotic world where IT teams must tackle an increasingly agile and determined enemy whilst handicapped by growing technological complexity. As infrastructure has evolved, and connectivity and mobility have grown, the corporate attack surface has expanded, creating multiple points of weakness for hackers to target. But it isn’t just the hackers that are keeping IT security bosses awake at night.

They must also consider challenges such as:

A growing compliance burden: The GDPR was a global game-changer when it came into force on May 25, 2018, even though it’s a European regulation. It brought with it a new focus on consumers and data privacy overall, granting them new powers over their personal data and forcing the organizations that handle it to be more transparent and accountable in how they do so. Crucially, maximum fines of 4% of global annual turnover or €20m ($23m), whichever is higher, for a breach and an additional 2% fine or €10m ($11.5m) for reporting non-compliance have finally got the attention of boards. The GDPR  raised the bar globally and may be followed eventually be similar legislation in the US. But it’s also put pressure on CISOs already saddled with a complex patchwork of regulatory compliance mandates across multiple regions.

Chronic skills shortages: While the bad guys only have to get lucky once, those white hats tasked with stopping them have an altogether harder job trying to predict where attacks may come and mitigate risk effectively. This is made even more challenging by the fact that many organizations are struggling to recruit enough skilled security professionals. An estimated global shortage of nearly three million industry workers today includes almost 500,000 in North America, and it’s growing all the time. Automation and AI can help cover some of the cracks, but these tools can’t address the underlying problem.

Tool bloat: Another unwelcome impact of growing IT complexity has been an explosion in the number of tools security teams are being forced to manage. According to analyst ESG Research, the majority of enterprises today use more than 25 different security tools. This tool bloat helps no-one, especially not organizations already straining to manage IT complexity with limited human resources.

The Art of Cybersecurity

First and foremost, it’s clear that organizations need to focus on strategically investing in ways to make the business more resilient as a path to growth and success. With a security partner that enables the organization to prepare for, withstand, and rapidly recover from threats, cybersecurity can become an artform, freeing the organization to go further and do more.

Trend Micro’s ability to orchestrate our unique combination of proven foresight, cross-generational security strategy (XGen™), and passionate people enable us to make cybersecurity art form. Always looking forward and making early ‘bets’ on technology, our foresight has enabled us to be first to the game in securing virtualization, hybrid cloud and containers, helping our customers take advantage of new environments early and securely. Our global research division, Trend Micro Research, looks at threats and challenges of today and tomorrow, along with vulnerabilities via the Zero Day Initiative, with a focus on positively impacting both Trend Micro’s solutions as well as the broader industry. XGen™ security is a cross-generational strategy that delivers smart, optimized and connected solutions for protecting users, hybrid clouds, and networks. And our passionate people work around the clock and across the globe to provide the expertise, insights, and creative thinking we need to protect our customers. That passion extends to the world at large, with a culture of giving and spreading of security knowledge inherent to our corporate social responsibility strategy.

Built on three decades of experience, Trend Micro is focused on making the world safe to exchange digital information. Our approach to doing this has been elevated to an art form, focused on helping  organizations like yours be more resilient and have the freedom to go further and do more in this unpredictable and chaotic world.

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