WhiteSource To Offer New Pipe Integration for Bitbucket


Software development is moving faster than ever before, with new versions barreling through the pipeline out to customers at increasingly higher speed. Supporting this wave of coding innovation is the agile CI/CD workflow that allows for better collaboration between teams, embracing the potential for speed and efficiency that was promised by the DevOps movement.

As one of the major players in the CI/CD space, Atlassian’s Bitbucket Pipelines gives developers an easier way to automate their processes to speed up their pace.

Bitbucket announced today the launch of Pipes, a new way for developers to simplify the configuration of valuable third-party tools into their CI/CD pipeline.

The Evolution to Pipes

Pipes offers Bitbucket users the opportunity to add a wide variety of leading industry tools into their CI/CD workflow without the hassle of going through a long and complicated integration process.

Bitbucket users can easily integrate powerful tools like AWS S3, Azure Web Apps, NPM Publish, and many more from other providers. Pipes brings the services that they depend on into a single workflow with prepackaged .yaml formatted scripts to automate important tasks throughout the CI/CD workflow.

Today we are happy to announce that WhiteSource is joining the Pipes revolution, bringing our solution to securing and managing open source usage to Bitbucket users with a pipe integration of our own.

Available at no extra charge, WhiteSource customers can take advantage of this new opportunity to automate scans of their products with just a few clicks.

Getting Started With Pipes

Integrating WhiteSource into your Pipeline is just a matter of copying and pasting the WhiteSource Pipe into your Bitbucket Pipelines .yaml file. After adding your WhiteSource organization’s parameters such as URL, API key and the working directory, you are all set.

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