Bulma- WhiteSource’s Open Source Project of the Month for February 2019

Continuing our series of innovative and useful open source projects that you should know, we spoke this month with the creators of Bulma.

First released in early January 2016 under the MIT license by Jeremy Thomas, Bulma is a free and open source modern CSS framework based on the Flexbox layout model. It offers a simple grid system, responsive nav bars, and versatile media objects. Every element in Bulma is mobile-first and optimized for small screens, and can be easily customized using modifier classes and variables.

According to the creator Jeremy Thomas, “Initially, Bulma was supposed to be a kind of online Sass framework. The website would be a web app where you could input some variables and it would generate your CSS for you. The whole framework would be built around components called “capsules” (like Bulma Corp. capsules, hence the name) which you could preview in your browser just by typing some Sass code.”

Since Bulma’s initial release, not much has changed according to Thomas. “Bulma, as it is right now, is not that different,” he explains, noting that, “The idea of components is still present, which allows you to import only what you need!”

While Thomas was creating Bulma he didn’t initially think of it as a tool for the community. ”As I was building this early version of Bulma, I realized I was actually creating a set of styles that I would re-use myself for my own personal and professional projects,” he says, adding that “These styles were the combination of all the knowledge I had acquired over 10 years of frontend development, delivered in an easy-to-use personal framework. I felt this framework could be useful for others.”

Before launching Bluma to the open source community, major changes were needed to complete the project. (Read more…)

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