Holy Bits, Coderperson!

via Mike Orcutt, reporting for the MIT Technology Review brings today’s Must Read post to our attention on this beautiful Monday morning. Apparently, the highly touted immutability and repudiation-resistant Blockchain, is not completely immune to cleverly mounted attack methodologies.

Witness, if you will, the Twilight Zone of Blockhain, in which, the highly-touted cryptological database construct known as the Blockchain falls prey to not only it’s proponents own hubris, but to the reckoning of all things crypto.

For, as we now know, if a cryptosystem can be attacked, the attack will be successful due to cryptocurrency susceptibility to 51% attacks, and dreaded smart-contract bugs. Enjoy the new crypto-flavor of Now! Feels a bit like schadenfreude right-about-now… H/T

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