Over 130 Establishments In The U.S. Hit By The Same POS Malware Attack

News has surfaced that North Country Business Products (NCBP), a Minnesota-based provider of point-of-sale (POS) products, announced a security breach last week. The company said hackers compromised its IT system and later planted POS malware on the network of some of its customers. It is thought that 139 locations have been compromised with critical customer payment data likely exposed.  

Expert Comments below: 

Jonathan Deveaux, Head of Enterprise Data Protection at comforte AG: 

“Coffee, Burrito, Beer, Hack – Your credit card details were just stolen. 

Yet another incident of malware installed which was able to syphon credit and debit card details from 139 businesses.  Companies who process card payments are still not doing enough to protect data. It is mind-blowing that companies are still exposed to this type of threat.  Maybe they believe “no one would want to steal our data – we are not a target”.  Sure, places like Dunn Brothers Coffee in Nashville, Zipps Sports Grill of Phoenix, and Tacos Trompo of Fargo, are not seen as places where a bad actor would target specifically.  But each of those places (all 3 were in the list of locations where card data was stolen) worked with a Partner, whose network was compromised.  Companies need to realize they are targets no matter where they are because the data they have is valuable.