Experience over Best Practices- Interview with CyberArk’s WhiteHat Hacker Len Noe

Every week, a new data breach makes headlines. Target, Yahoo, Equifax, JP Morgan Chase, and many more have all been subject to massive information data breaches compromising the personal information of millions of customers.

Even as phishing has grown as a threat in recent years, one of the simple ways to break into a target’s data is through a software vulnerability. The Equifax data breach is a clear example of a company using an outdated and vulnerable open source library and not fixing it. In the past decade, we are starting to see more companies implement internal security teams to guard their company’s information against such threats. Unfortunately, these security teams aren’t enough as hackers seem to find their way through our system and sensitive information.

When we think of the word hacker, we instantly think of the classic stereotype is that these people are malicious, shady, talented, and criminals. While there are those out there who are up to no good, the truth is that hackers are essential to making the internet a safer place. Always in search of a good puzzle, hackers are intellectually curious, driven by transparency, and motivated to find weaknesses within systems.

Within this community, there are those who seek out vulnerabilities so that others don’t exploit them. Working for the public good, white hat hackers have traded in their hoodies to fight for the light side of the force.

To get a better in-depth understanding of what makes hackers switch to become a white hat hacker, we interviewed Len Noe of CyberArk.

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