Bring Automation to your HSM Key Orchestration

Bring Automation to your HSM Key Orchestration
Tue, 02/19/2019 – 13:50

HSMs provide you with a trusted, proven and auditable way to secure the cryptographic keys that function as machine identities. However, many organizations create custom scripts and use other manual processes to generate keys, leaving the keys much more vulnerable to attack and introducing new security risks.

The integration of Venafi Advanced Key Protect and nCipher nShield HSMs, allows you to ensure the strongest cryptographic keys are always used across the enterprise. Featuring the same automation available in the Venafi Platform, TLS and SSL keys are generated centrally and securely within nShield HSMs. For even greater security, TLS keys remain on the nShield HSM throughout their entire life cycle – from key generation and certificate issuance to rekey and renewal processes.

“As our customers make the transition to increasingly digital environments, they need to trust the machines that are used across their networks to support critical business functions such as securing web transactions, privileged access and authenticating software code,” said Peter Galvin, chief strategy officer at nCipher Security. “If the identities of these machines are not authenticated and protected, then they are open to misuse by cybercriminals. Through a consistent use of strong cryptographic keys, Venafi and nCipher make it possible for customers to own and control the keys and certificates used to authenticate machine identities and establish trust in these digital transactions.”

Key benefits of Venafi and nCipher’s integration include:

  • Improves policy and workflow controls that enable fast, automated orchestration of keys.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of keys being stolen from file systems, software certificate stores and system memory – including the risk from side-channel attacks such as Spectre and Meltdown.
  • Manages certificates and keys in a FIPS 140‐2 Level 2 and Common Criteria EAL4+ hardened, high-assurance environment.
  • Increases the number of strong keys generated from a NIST‐certified random bit generator (RBG).
  • Orchestrates the use of HSMs under strict policy control across the enterprise.

“Our integration with nCipher nShield HSMs is easy to deploy, reduces errors and dramatically cuts the time and resources required to use SSL and TLS keys and certificates with HSMs,” said Kevin Bocek, chief cybersecurity strategist for Venafi. “Through our partnership with nCipher, we are providing you the ability to automate machine identity life cycles with the highest level of protection possible. This includes protection for the most popular web services in enterprises today such as Microsoft IIS, Apache and Java application servers. Our integrated solution also works immediately with all of the leading certificate authorities in the Venafi Technology Network.”

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