Bruce Perens Calls For Open Source, Security, and Data Rights In IBM Ad

Bruce Perens co-founded the Open Source Initiative with Eric Raymond — and he’s also Slashdot reader #3872.

Bruce Perens writes: Here’s the IBM ad used to open their Think 2019 conference, featuring Buzz Aldrin, Arianna Huffington, Janelle Monae, Miaym Bialik, and astonishingly: me. Interesting of IBM to have an ad including Open Source, security, and data rights as human rights!

Web version with subtitles. Version used to open the Think conference, on Youtube..
“I would like to make open source software the standard…” Perens says in the video, adding “Let’s champion data rights as human rights,” and asking “How do we bake security into everything we do?” But it’s a montage of different speakers who each begin their comments by saying “Dear Tech,” offering open letters with their hopes for the entire industry.

“Let’s use blockchain to help reduce poverty.”

“Let’s use IoT to help victims of natural disasters.”

“I feel like you have the potential to do so much more.”

“Are you working for all of us, or just a few of us?”