Windows® Authentication Using G Suite™ Identities

Windows Authentication G Suite Identities

Connecting your Microsoft® Windows® machines to G Suite™ identities is a great vision. In fact, the ability to connect G Suite Identities to all of your IT resources would be wonderful. As a result of this pairing, it would centralize your users’ credentials and give you more control over all of their IT resources. Another benefit is that you could finally move completely to the cloud and eliminate Microsoft Active Directory® (AD) or OpenLDAP™ from your infrastructure and not be forced to maintain or secure those instances any longer.

In short, Windows authentication using G Suite identities would be a beautiful thing for IT.

But, We Live in the Real World

Unfortunately, out of the box, G Suite Directory doesn’t authenticate outside of G Suite applications and a few select web apps. The good news is that a provider and platform agnostic solution can help you accomplish this universal identity vision with G Suite identities called Directory-as-a-Service®.  

As a companion to G Suite, the cloud-hosted directory service tightly integrates to centralize G Suite credentials. Now, a user’s G Suite identity can be federated to their laptop or desktop, AWS® cloud servers, web or on-prem applications, and their WiFi authentication through RADIUS. Because JumpCloud is a third party provider, Windows, macOS®, and Linux® devices are all treated equally, and that means your users with Windows (or macOS / Linux) can login to their devices using their G Suite identities. The result is less friction and more time to get to work.

G Suite Integration

That’s a powerful, comprehensive approach to directory services. A decade ago, a similar True Single Sign-On™ solution was available with Active Directory and the domain controller. With our modern mixed-platform environment moving to the cloud and the shifting of gravity to G Suite, the ability to centralize user management was lost. Now, however, with Directory-as-a-Service, single sign on isn’t just for web applications any more, now you can leverage those credentials for virtually any IT resources your users need to connect to.

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