2019 – The Birth Of The Passwordless Society.

By  Jesper Frederiksen, UK GM at Okta

“You would have been hard pressed to remember a day in 2018 not marked by news of a data breach. What this highlighted was the diminishing importance and strength of password authentication, and the growing shift towards a passwordless society. Having more human signals such as biometrics, usage analytics and device recognition will remove the reliance on simple and repeat passwords, and in turn, better secure systems.

In addition to this, organisations should move to a discrete and modern identity system that removes any reliance on personal information, such as passwords, to increase security. This will ensure safety as stolen personal information would become worthless on the black market, acting as deterrent to hackers.”

Increase In Cloud Will See A Rise In Cyber Attacks

“Cyber criminals by their very nature are opportunistic and will go where the money goes. The rate of switching from on-premises to cloud-based security solutions will increase exponentially, in 2019, but weakness by organisations in deploying sufficient controls, will see rising cyber attacks.

To help organisations better safeguard systems, machine-learning techniques will grow in maturity for both predictive models and response automation. This will help organisations deal with rising attacks and enable human intervention for more serious attacks.”