Michael Flynn asks to be spared from prison because he helped Mueller

Michael T. Flynn, in happier times.

Former Trump national security chief Mike Flynn is asking for no prison time. A memo from Flynn’s defense team was filed tonight, just before his scheduled sentencing. They’re asking a federal judge to spare Flynn from prison time, in response to the government’s sentencing memo.

Flynn says his cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation “was not grudging or delayed.

“Rather, it preceded his guilty plea or any threatened indictment and began very shortly after he was first contacted for assistance by the Special Counsel’s Office,” wrote his team.

We know from other recent court filings that Flynn met with federal investigators 19 times.

Again, *nineteen times.*

The court filing was made available on Tuesday night, and includes references from multiple retired military officials, including General Jack Keane.

He asks for zero jail time, and offers to do 200 hours of community service.