Cloud Device Management for MSPs

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A core part of what managed service providers (MSPs) do is manage devices. After all, it’s one of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks for organizations with perhaps the highest impact. A compromised endpoint can lead to a lot of bad outcomes. The challenge for MSPs is that, without the right solutions, it can be a completely manual process. The good news is that there is cloud device management for MSPs that makes the task considerably easier.

What is Device Management?

Before diving into the IT management tools that can help MSPs with device management, we should spend a moment discussing what device management actually means and how it has been approached historically. Device, system, or endpoint management can mean a lot of different things. Originally, it was merely considered as antivirus and anti-malware solutions. As time went on, IT admins wanted to manage more aspects of a device, so it then meant configuration management and security settings. Now, device management is even broader than just those factors, and can include user management.

Of course, with all of these different descriptions and meanings, there isn’t just one solution to handle the management of devices. Traditionally, because IT infrastructure was virtually all Windows® based, IT admins simply used Microsoft® solutions for managing devices, such as Active Directory® (AD or MAD) and SCCM (formerly known as SMS). MAD worked well due to the on-prem and Windows-only nature of most IT networks.

Device Management in the Cloud Era

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As the device landscape started to shift and change to include Mac® and Linux® machines, smartphones, and tablets, the task of device management got a lot harder. Couple that with users being more mobile and accessing the Internet from a variety of locations, as well as the rise of phishing and malware, and device management became even more vital. All the while, however, the tools used to manage systems and devices were restrained by their on-prem nature. MSPs needed a new cure to the device management problems that ailed them.

While not a panacea to all endpoint management problems, a (Read more…)

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