A Practitioner’s Perspective on Advanced IAM

Identity & Access Management , Security Operations

Nomura’s Charanjit Singh Sodhi on How to Assess and Tackle IAM Risks

Charanjit Singh Sodhi, executive director and head of identity and access management, Nomura Wholesale

Multifactor authentication and privilege-based controls are among the forms of identity and access management that can help security leaders address key vulnerabilities in their organizations, says Charanjit Singh Sodhi of Normura Wholesale, who offers advice.

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In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Mumbai Security Summit, Sodhi discusses:

  • Primary IAM risks that security leaders are bound to encounter;
  • The roles of multifactor authentication and privilege-based controls;
  • How to integrate new tools with legacy apps and platforms.

Sodhi, executive director and head of identity and access management with Nomura Wholesale, served as an officer in the Indian Navy, where he was awarded the Chief of Naval Staff Gold Medal and the Sword of Honour. Before joining Nomura, he worked at SecureSynergy, Fidelity, Airtel and JPMorgan Chase.