Computer being hacked over and over again… tired of it and need a solution.

So this has been going on for a few months at this point and I’ve done everything I could think of to stop it but nothing has been working particularly well.

Every so often (this occurs at least once a week at this point) my mouse starts moving across my screen without me wanting it to, it opens a new tab in Google Chrome and goes to sites such as Newegg, OpSkins, Amazon, Gmail, and other sites similar to those, but no matter what it always goes to different sites and never repeats previous addresses. Key inputs start to happen, putting in my username and passwords faster than humanly possible, almost like a robot. I usually hold down the power button on my computer (ASUS G751JT Gaming Laptop) as soon as these inputs start happening in order to make sure they don’t have the chance to see any personal information like where I live, my bank account information, credit cards, nor are they able to activate SysKey and lock me out of my own computer. I can move my mouse during this period of attacking but my cursor always goes towards whatever button it’s trying to press. For whatever reason, even when I leave my computer on, it always seems to only happen while I’m sitting at my computer. I’ve set up ways to tell if my computer is in use such as setting up an old motion detection camera in front of my sleeping computer for days in a row and I’ve been attacked during such periods while sitting at my computer.

I have the latest version of McAfee Live Safe installed on my computer and I always have had it. I run full scans after every time this happens and no malicious files are found. I have purged all RAT software from my computer and disabled it manually through the control panel.

This past weekend, there were two different times that my computer was attacked. Once it tried to view my package delivery history on Amazon, and one where it tried to buy a flat-screen TV right in front of me during a competitive game of CS:GO. This is when I decided to do a test. The second time I was attacked that weekend, I immediately closed the Amazon window before it did anything and I just let it sit there. Nothing happened for the rest of that day. Something like this leads me to believe it’s some sort of macro and my antivirus software isn’t picking up on it because all it sees is a harmless macro.

Now comes the questions. What do you think is going on? Am I on the right track with the macro assumption? Is there anything I can do to prevent any attacks in the future/stop this entirely?

Thank you in advance, anything really helps at this point. I just don’t need my private information leaked in any way.