TrustedSec Offers Insights Following Marriott/SPG Breach

TrustedSec was called on to offer insights and analysis following the November 30, 2018 disclosure of a breach affecting the hospitality giant Marriott that exposing the personal and financial information on as many as a half billion customers who made reservations at any of its Starwood properties over the past four years. See below for a summary of the coverage that TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy participated in related to the incident.

Wired Magazine

“Four years is an eternity when it comes to breaches. If attackers had access for that long I would assume they had access to virtually everything.” See the rest of Dave’s comments in WIRED’s “HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE GIANT MARRIOTT HACK.”

Fox Business News

Fox Business News was alarmed at the size of the breach and asked Dave to shed light on how such a large amount of personal data could have been compromised and sold. See Dave’s appearance in “Marriott could be larger than the Target breach: Cybersecurity expert.”


Dave was called on by CNBC to comment specifically on the passport information included in the breach and what could be done with a compromised passport number. Dave played down the danger stating: “To replicate a passport takes a lot of effort,” Kennedy said. “I wouldn’t necessarily consider your passport compromised.” See the rest of Dave’s advice in “Marriott breach: Here’s the risk of a compromised passport number.”

PBS News Hour

The breach was one of the featured stories on PBS’ News Hour for November 30, 2018. Dave made an appearance to provide background on how the breach may have occurred and who could be behind it. See Dave’s appearance on PBS News Hour.


Author: TrustedSec

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