Bettercap v2 help

I have been trying all day to use Bettercap v2 ( for arp spoofing and conducting a man in the middle attack. I’ve done this using MITMf, arpspoof, and other tools in the past but I wanted to try a tool that it still being developed (MITMf, ettercap, old bettercap no longer being updated).

Anyhow, I can not figure out how to get this to work properly. Anyone have experience using this tool successfully?


bettercap //open interactive shell

set arp.spoof.targets 192.168.X.X

set arp.spoof.internal true

arp.spoof on

The system tells me it is spoofing ARP tables when I turn it on. I’ve checked the target PC with arp -a and the MAC for my router remains the same. Attacks work fine using arpspoof or MITMf from this same system. I’m not sure what the issue is here. Any help is appreciated.