Length of an Antenna is relative to Wave Length


I am Hardeep Singh. I was reading about WiFi Security and realised that there’s not much information or talking about the Wireless technology from a perspective of physics. I started to look out on all the WiFi/Wireless security articles, forums and course’s description and almost no one is talking about how it works in reality, from a standpoint of physics. how information is being transferred from an atomic level. What makes a wireless bit, a bit. etc There were very few security people talking in terms of wavelegth, frequency, guys like Darren Kitchen from hak5.

I think I can make a contribution by explaining stuff in a simpler manner. So I am starting this series named #WirelessPhysics101 on my forum where I’ll be sharing a fact about wireless technology followed by an explanation backed by physics, so that all of us have one point of focus i.e physics and that’s what can keep all of us united as a community.

I made my first post on my forum a few minutes ago and it’s:

I’ve asked people to make contribution to this by explaining the statement. or else I’ll be completing it ultimately if no one does in under a day.

So here I am inviting /r/hacking to make a contribution to the minds of InfoSec and Physics.

Start by joining this thread: https://members.rootsh3ll.com/t/starting-wirelessphysics101-please-join-learn-and-contribute/423

and the right answer will be marked as solved for future readers 🙂

Let’s make our InfoSec community more knowledgeable and higher quality. Let’s share and learn together!