Monday saw the cybersecurity industry gather for massive Flash Mob event in London

On Monday, over 70 of the great and good in cybersecurity gathered for a Flash Mob event outside the Tower of London to raise awareness of cybersecurity, offering their hints and tips on what you should do to be more secure online!

It’s all part of Security Serious Week, an event organised by Eskenzi PR, which runs alongside European Cyber-Security Awareness Month to get the industry to share their skills and educate the wider community on how to be better at cybersecurity.

Here are some of top tips shared by some of our attendees:

“Protect your important accounts like your email or Twitter with a two factor authentication. This means you can get a notification from your phone so you know if someone is trying to log into your accounts. Reach out to your friends and family about this to protect their account with a two factor authentication.”

Tony Murray, National Protecting Preventing Officer at City of London Police 

“Protect yourself online by adopting the bunch of fives, 5 basic tips, strong password, end point security, patching, backups and encryption. If you keep those five tips in mind, you will be less likely to lose money”

Sean O’Neil, Cyber Security Advisors for Bedfordshire Police

“Use a strong separate password for your email, your email is the gateway to your online life so use three random words then adding numbers and syllables”

Max Bruce from National Fraud Intelligence Bureau

“My top tip is regarding behaviour – getting people to change their behaviours and culture so that they are treating personal data properly and being responsible. This is especially important to prevent security breaches”

Andre Bywater, Lawyer at Cordery 

“Always install the latest software and app updates”

Alex Eristavi, Action Fraud

“Stop, collaborate and listen”

Brian Brackenborough, CISO at Channel 4


Tim Helming, Domaintools