115+ live online training courses opened for October, November, and December

Laptop on desk
Laptop on desk (source: StockSnap via Pixabay)

Learn new topics and refine your skills with more than 115 live online training courses we opened up for October, November, and December on our learning platform.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Beginning Data Analysis with Python and Jupyter, October 17-18

Managed Machine Learning Systems and Internet of Things, November 1-2

Essential Machine Learning and Exploratory Data Analysis with Python and Jupyter Notebook, November 5-6

Deep Learning Fundamentals, November 6

Deep Reinforcement Learning, November 14

Getting Started with Machine Learning, November 15

Hands-On with Google Cloud AutoML, November 16

Deploying Machine Learning Models to Production: A Toolkit for Real-World Success, December 3-4

Hands-on Machine Learning with Python: Clustering, Dimension Reduction, and Time Series Analysis, December 4


Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts, November 15


How to Give Great Presentations, October 22

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, November 6

60 Minutes with Barry O’Reilly: 10 Steps to Digital Transformation, November 8

Introduction to Time Management Skills, November 9

Introduction to Leadership Skills, November 12

Introduction to Project Management, November 12

Introduction to Critical Thinking, November 15

Your First 30 Days as a Manager, November 20

Managing Your Manager, November 28

Giving a Powerful Presentation, November 28

Mastering Usability Testing, December 3

Managing Team Conflict, December 4

Data science and data tools

Programming with Data: Python and Pandas, October 16

Advanced SQL Series: Proximal and Linear Interpolations, November 7

Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Big Data Foundations, November 7

Beginning Machine Learning with scikit-learn, November 7

SQL for Any IT Professional, November 8

Advanced SQL Series: Window Functions, November 13

Beginning R Programming, November 13-14

Programming with Data: Python and Pandas, November 14

Intermediate Machine Learning with scikit-learn, November 16

Hands-On Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Spark Programming, November 19-20

Python Data Handling: A Deeper Dive, November 20


Linux in 3 Hours, October 19

Scalable Concurrency with the Java Executor Framework, October 29

Scala Core Programming: Methods, Classes, and Traits, November 2

Design Patterns Boot Camp, November 5-6

Getting Started with Python’s Pytest, November 6

Beyond Python Scripts: Logging, Modules, and Dependency Management, November 7

Beyond Python Scripts: Exceptions, Error Handling, and Command-Line Interfaces, November 8

Java 11 for the Impatient, November 8

SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented and Agile Design, November 9

Clean Code, November 12

Linux Troubleshooting, November 12

An Introduction to Go for Systems Programmers and Web Developers, November 12-13

Python: The Next Level, November 13-14

Design Patterns in Java, November 13-14

Git Fundamentals, November 14-15

Scaling Python with Generators, November 15

Pythonic Design Patterns, November 16

Modern Application Development with C#, November 19-20

Learn Linux in 3 Hours, November 26

Reactive Spring Boot, November 26

Functional Programming in Java, November 26-27

OCA Java SE 8 Programmer Certification Crash Course Java Cert, November 26-28

Spring Boot and Kotlin, November 27

What’s New In Java, November 29

Modern Java Exception Handling, November 30

Test-Driven Development in Python, December 4


CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Crash Course, October 17-18

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Practice Questions and Exam Strategies, October 24

Cybersecurity Offensive and Defensive Techniques in 3 Hours, November 1

Intense Introduction to Hacking Web Applications, November 2

CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND 210-250 Crash Course, November 8

CCNA Cyber Ops SECOPS Crash Course, November 12

CCNA Routing and Switching Exam Prep, November 13

CompTIA Network+ Crash Course, November 13-15

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Crash Course, November 14

AWS Advanced Security with Config, GuardDuty, and Macie, November 14

Introduction to Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), November 16

Architecture for Continuous Delivery, November 19

Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing, November 19-20

Comparing Service-Based Architectures, November 20

CompTIA PenTest+ Crash Course, November 26-27

Security Operation Center (SOC) Best Practices, November 27

CISSP Crash Course, November 27-28

Systems engineering and operations

Managing Complexity in Network Engineering, October 25

Chaos Engineering: Planning and Running Your First Game Day, November 1

Ansible in 3 Hours, November 5

Automating with Ansible, November 5

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate) Crash Course, November 5-6

Kubernetes in 3 Hours, November 6

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Crash Course, November 6-7

9 Steps to Awesome with Kubernetes, November 7

Implementing and Troubleshooting TCP/IP, November 7

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for AWS Professionals, November 12

Learn Serverless Application Development with Webtask, November 13

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform, November 14-15

IP Subnetting from Beginning to Mastery, November 15-16

Getting Started with OpenStack, November 16

Getting Started with Continuous Integration (CI), November 19

Chaos Engineering: Planning, Designing, and Running Automated Chaos Experiments, November 26

Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes, November 26-27

Istio on Kubernetes: Enter the Service Mesh, November 27

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Crash Course, November 27-30

Quality of Service (QoS) for Cisco Routers and Switches, November 28

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technical Essentials, December 4

Web programming

How the Internet Really Works, November 1

Bootstrap Responsive Design and Development, November 7-9

Building APIs with Django REST Framework, November 12

Using Redux to Manage State in Complex React Applications, November 13