IDG Contributor Network: The home analogy – security redefined for the hybrid world

Let’s roll back the time machine a century. Imagine you were a rich individual and you had a huge home with assets that needed protection. What was your recourse? Hire macho security guards with stern faces to ward off miscreants. Slowly the human guards gave way to padlocks, combination locks etc. And then the advent of the home security system – independent and isolated. And towards the latter part of the century, integrated systems with a wired or wireless backhaul to a central command. That then evolved into more sophisticated perimeter security with cameras, motion detectors etc.

But even in the face of such dramatic changes in home security, one principle has remained steady. It is all about the perimeter. Secure the entrance and exits and you are safe.

Which is somewhat surprising and naive, since the increasingly connected home of today – be it your connected thermometer, refrigerator, TV, vacuum (yes remember Roomba from iRobot), Alexa etc. the home security needs to encompass the security of these systems as well. Furthermore, unlike the venerable physical security systems which operated independently, these connected devices establish peer-to-peer links for a more pleasurable and efficient experience – at least that’s the market promise.

Case in point. Your connected mattress signals the coffee-maker that her mistress has woken up and the connected tooth-brush dictates to the connected microwave to start boiling the egg. It isn’t as fictional as it sounds.