Delta’s Fully Biometric Terminal Is the First In the US

In what Delta is calling the first “biometric terminal” in the country, they will reportedly use facial recognition at check-in, security and boarding inside the international terminal at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Engadget reports: Passengers that want to use facial recognition can approach a kiosk in the lobby and click “Look,” or approach a camera at the ticket counter, TSA checkpoint or when boarding. Once a green check mark flashes on the screen, they can proceed. Delta — which plans to introduce fingerprint scanning to fold, too — says passengers can use this system instead of the passports to get through these checkpoints, but you’ll still need your passport for use in other non-biometric-equipped airports (although maybe one day we’ll do away with passports altogether). Privacy advocates are concerned about the security risks present in facial scans, especially as it’s an opt-out process. Others, however, say it makes air travel a more streamlined process.