Ethical Hackers of Reddit, I’d like to ask all of a few questions

Hi, I’m a student currently studying computer science and am interested in getting into a profession related to ethical hacking or hacking in general.

But as all of you all know, we all go through phases where we find things cool and all. And although I’ve always wanted to be an ethical hacker, I want to ask you guys a few questions that’ll help me decide or atleast give me an idea of how life is as an ethical hacker.

  1. How is the day to day routine of a ethical hacker? How would you describe it?

  2. How and when did you guys realize you wanted to get into this field and this is your passion?

  3. What is most enjoyable in your job?

  4. What are the negatives, but also what are the positives that opened up after you gained all your skills, etc.

  5. How many hours do you work during the week and what do you think about it?

  6. What skills/certificates/things made your job a little easier or you cant think of not having with you.

  7. How does your work-life ratio stand? Are you happy with how it is?

  8. Are there times you wish you chose another profession?

Thanks in advance, I’m just a little lost and want to make sure this is the career ill want to delve into. I love breaking into things and just finding vulnerabilities but its always good to do your research, ain’t it?

Thanks again!