Back to School: The Top Open Source Projects To Use When Starting Out As A Developer

From the dawn of the first computer (ENIAC) until today, it’s never been easier to start learning programming. Nowadays, there are endless ways of learning how to code,  from coding schools, self learning courses or getting yourself a degree in computer sciences, everyone can find the path that suits them best. However, once you have the basics down, the question becomes how do you fine tune your coding skills?

Probably the best way to hone these skills is by doing, and in the case of developing, this means contributing and learning from some of the top open source projects.

The open source community provides endless opportunities for new developers to improve their skills and get inspiration and support from like-minded people. But most importantly, these projects can provide a great starting point for developers to get a better understanding of the different kind of projects they can use in building applications.

By starting to work with open source projects, you will learn important skills such as patching a bug in a library, sending a pull request, or even writing a piece of documentation. In the spirit of summer ending and everyone is back in the school mood, we are highlighting 7 different open source projects which young developers should use when starting out.

Apache Commons

Who runs it: The Apache Commons project was created by the Apache Software Foundation.

What can you get from it: The main purpose of Apache Commons is to provide reusable open source Java software. Commons projects consist of three different parts: Proper (A repository of reusable Java components), SandBox (A workspace for Java component development) and Dormant (A repository of components that are currently inactive).

Why it’s great for n00bs: For new developers this is (Read more…)

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