New GandCrab ransomware variant hammers Florida school district

The computer systems in a Florida Keys school district were down for a week due to a ransomware attack. The problems were made worse as right as district was bringing up some administration and school computers, Comcast suffered a day-long outage due to a cut fiber.

Monroe Country School District was the victim of a GandCrab ransomware attack. GandCrab, first spotted in January, was dubbed the leading ransomware threat in July. A school district employee working on payroll discovered undisclosed problems on Sunday, September 9, and submitted an IT ticket. IT contacted Symantec and was advised to bring it all down and secure the system.

Pat Lefere, executive director of operations and planning for the district, told the Miami Herald, “This particular one was a variant that Symantec hadn’t seen before. They took all of our files and created a patch for us. It was applied to all servers before bringing them back up.”

Symantec shows the latest detected GandCrab ransomware discovered on Wednesday, Sept 12, but it may not be the variant which hit the Florida school district as the IT department thought it had fixed the problem on Tuesday morning. Yet upon bringing the system back up, they saw the same issues as when the ransomware was discovered on Sunday and shut the system down again.