Can someone in the US or from another country hack me? (stalker issue)

Long story short:

There was this guy (international student) in my class last year. We were friends but he’s kind of obsessed w/ me and I started to realize so I’ve distanced myself from him.

He noticed I was distant, started to become very creepy. He stalked me everywhere. I’ve made numerous police reports but they were unable to do anything unless I have proof. He later threatened to hack my laptop & and phone (Apple products). He said he wouldn’t be able to do it alone but his family back home could. I thought it was a bunch of baloney, but ever since that threat:

– I have gotten weird text messages/phone calls from #’s I don’t recognize (same area code)

– I once turned on my bluetooth in his friend’s car to play music. Ever since, my bluetooth turns on by itself

– I got a verification email from Tinder saying someone signed up for a tinder under my email (have never signed up for tinder)

– I have had some weird dude show up to my house while my mom was checking the mail, but as soon as he saw my mom walking towards him he got back in the car immediately and told the driver to drive

– I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him around my neighborhood twice now (unsure)

– Oh and just the other day my laptop wasn’t able to connect to my wifi for 2 days because it said someone else was connected to my wifi through my IP address.

I thought that the summer would force him to move on with his life. But not the case.

Last year I had suspicions of being hacked because he somehow ALWAYS knew where I was on campus, even when I would study in buildings I have never even been in before.

It’s the same deal this year!!! The MINUTE I arrive on campus, I will park at different buildings, and he would still. somehow. be there.

For you experienced kids, does it sound like he’s hacked me or am I being delusional?