Evolution of Cyber Security in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, data sets are growing rapidly, both in volume and complexity, as the sources and types of data keep on multiplying.

As of now, 30 percent of the world’s information is assessed to be medical services data, and in the U.S., many hospitals collect over 100 data points per patient per day. This healthcare data keeps on being the most valuable and highly sought-after resources that attackers are targeting.

The healthcare industry is one of the top sectors at the highest risk of cybersecurity. Take ransomware, for example. As per 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware raised to the 5th most common type of malware in 2017 from the 22nd most common in 2014. In 2016, due to Locky ransomware attacks, Los Angeles-based Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid 40 bitcoins to retrieve access to its system.

And also in 2017, WannaCry and Petya both targeted systems that were running Windows operating systems by encrypting files and demanding bitcoin payment. This threat hit providers hard.

Ransomware is just one of many hurdles. Phishing attacks that compromise sensitive information from employees, as well as patients, can be similarly harmful to an enterprise.

To fight against these attacks, some cybersecurity solution providers have started to focus on the healthcare industry specifically.

Following HIPAA Guidelines to Secure Patients

HIPAA – short for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – provides data privacy and security provisions for protecting patients’ private medical information from different threats. Cybersecurity experts play a vital role in helping care provider industries to maintain network integrity, agree to HIPPA directions and secure patient confidentiality in a world that develops more associated every day.

The increasing threat posed by cybercriminals has prompted healthcare industries around the world to spend more on data security and look (Read more…)

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