Building a Secure Cloud Data Lake with AWS, Protegrity and Talend

The Rise of the Cloud Data Lake

By now, you already know that cloud computing is rapidly changing the landscape of IT and brings many business benefits.  The question is how do you balance the promise of cloud computing with concerns over the erosion of data security controls and scaling security into hybrid and public clouds?

Migration to the cloud securely is a concern that every enterprise needs to tackle.  In this blog, we will show you how you can build your data lake securely with Talend and Protegrity.  This solution is a real-world use case that generated value for a large financial services firm in Canada.  Leveraging Talend and Protegrity they can protect sensitive data from Oracle, as a source database on-premise, to a Cloudera data lake on AWS.  Let us look at how this financial firm accomplished their cloud migration securely.

 Solution Overview

  secure cloud data lake

Any legacy data you may be dealing with will need to be migrated to the cloud securely.  In the case we will walk you through today, we will migrate data from an Oracle database to Cloudera Impala.  As shown in the diagram, Talend was instrumental in building a data pipeline (Read more…)

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