IDG Contributor Network: 4 ways to avoid cloud outages and improve system performance

When most people encounter headlines about high-profile cloud outages, they think about the cloud vendor’s name, or how the negative publicity might affect stock prices. I think about the people behind the scenes—the ones tasked with fixing the problem and getting customer systems back up and running.

Despite their best efforts, the occasional outage is inevitable. The internet is a volatile place, and nobody is completely immune to this danger. Fortunately, there are some straightforward steps businesses can take to guard against the possibility of unplanned downtime.

Here are four ways to avoid cloud outages while improving security and performance in the process:

1. Adopt a multi-location or multi-cloud environment

Businesses that spread workloads across multiple locations or cloud providers add redundancy and resiliency, and they greatly reduce the risk of downtime. But that’s just one of the benefits of adopting a “multi” IT environment. This approach also provides greater flexibility and empowers enterprises to quickly adapt to changing business needs.