SamSam Ransomware Crew Made Nearly $6 Million From Ransom Payments

The SamSam ransomware, which if you remember was at play in an attack in Atlanta city earlier this year, has earned its creator(s) more than $5.9 million in ransom payments since late 2015, BleepingComputer reported Tuesday, citing what it called the most comprehensive report ever published on SamSam’s activity. The report, it said, contains information since the ransomware’s launch in late 2015 and up to attacks that have happened earlier this month. BleepingComputer: Compiled by UK cyber-security firm Sophos, the 47-page report is a result of researchers collecting data from past attacks, talking to victims, and data-mining public and private sources for SamSam samples that might have slipped through the cracks. In addition, Sophos researchers also partnered with blockchain & cryptocurrency monitoring firm Neutrino to track down transfers and relations between the different Bitcoin addresses the SamSam crew has used until now.

By tracking all the Bitcoin addresses researchers were able to find, Sophos says it identified at least 233 victims who paid a ransom to the SamSam crew, of which, 86 went public with the fact that they paid the ransom, allowing Sophos to create profiles about each of these victims. Researchers say that based on the data of these 86 victims, they were able to determine that around three-quarters of those who paid were located in the US, with some scattered victims located in the UK, Belgium, and Canada.