Demand for Malware In Dark Web Higher than Supply for 2018

Demand for all types of malware has skyrocketed and keeps growing in the underground cyber-criminal markets and has already surpassed the currently supply, PTsecurity has reported.

In line with the financial losses caused by malware which are increasing steadily, the demand for malware in the Dark Web has also increased, suggesting more development and investment in the cyber-security sector. Recent studies by the company PTSecurity have shown that there is an increase in the number of major incidents involving massive cyber-attacks occurred in Q1, 2018. The 32% rise in detectections is compared to the first quarter of 2017 and this is a strong indicator that solutions need to be implemented for both protection and prevention.

Analysis Shows All Types Of Malware Demand on The Rise

In the report for the DarkWeb by PTSecurity, researchers have managed to establish that most malware attacks which have so far occurred were related with the following malware types:

  • CryptoCurrency miners.
  • Trojans.
  • Ransomware.
  • Botnets.

Researchers believe that the fact that these types of infection often tend to work with a tremendous success, this has pushed people to start making profit by leaking the code of different Trojans and infection droppers online. And what is worse, some of the leaks were even made open-source for the public to use. And this whole enterprise according to researchers has evolved in malware that is ready for open use by the so-called “skids” or script kiddies – cyber-criminals with little experience in coding who just want your money or in other words everybody can do it now.

Researchers Encounter A lot of Company Information for Sale

During the analysis of the deep web, researchers at PT Security have also established that the besides malware, hakcers have also uploaded a lot of critical credentials for sale, which is extremely alarming, (Read more…)

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