IDG Contributor Network: 8 steps to secure unmanaged devices in the enterprise

For many years now, enterprise networks have seen a steady stream of new devices that are outside of IT department control. The mobility trend has given way to the rise of the IoT and the result is a lot of unmanageable endpoints that represent a clear security risk. Smart lighting, printers, Bluetooth keyboards, smart TVs, video cameras, switches and routers are all connected devices that often lack any built-in security.

This security blind spot is ripe for exploitation by cybercriminals probing your network for weaknesses. Despite 97 percent of risk professionals admitting that a data breach or cyber-attack caused by unsecure IoT devices could be catastrophic for their organization, according to a survey by the Ponemon Institute and Shared Assessments, just 15 percent have an inventory of most of their IoT and only 46 percent have a policy in place to disable devices that pose a risk.

Many organizations are sleepwalking toward disaster, but adopting the right strategies can help you secure all these unmanaged devices and dramatically reduce the risk of a costly data breach.

Shop around for secure devices

Take the time to seek out devices that offer security out of the box and, perhaps more importantly, avoid devices with serious issues that will be tough to guard against.