[UPDATE] WiFi Pentesting and Security Video Course (Including Cloud Labs Demo)


I am Hardeep Singh(Harry), founder of rootsh3ll.com

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I am creating a video course on WiFi Security focused on Red and Blue teaming. It will be a 12 weeks course. It will take you from a very beginner stage and teach you red teaming concepts, attacks and techniques followed by 4 weeks of training solely on security perspective.

Click here for the course curriculum

As an update to the course I created this demo lab for my existing students where you can connect to your lab via VNC using regular browser and start sniffing on your Kali GUI. See 4-way Handshake captured on Amazon EC2 instance.

If you are interested in the course and cloud labs demo, email me on harry@rootsh3ll.com

You’ll learn Basics of networking and WiFi, Packet analysis, WiFi hacking, rogue device and AP detection, WiFi Threat hunting using Splunk, Powershell, IoA and IoCs, reporting, writing custom tools/scripts for attack and defence in the 12-week time span.

I am also preparing for cloud-based labs for the CTFs. Imagine it like OSCP or HackTheBox styled learning labs for training and CTFs both. If you are skeptic about the WiFi sniffing (not traditional cracking, actual 802.11 sniffing) in the cloud here is the proof-of-concept that I recently published for my research paper: https://youtu.be/ZLCShLxFhM8

Course is currently opened for pre-order before August 7th. This would allow me to talk closely to a group of people (<70) and gather data/suggestions for improving the quality of the course and the CTFs before launch (August 7th).

  1. Downloadable/Streamable Videos

  2. PDF and Text files

  3. Transcript and Subtitles

  4. Forum Support

  5. Access to Cloud labs for Experiment

  6. Wireless CTF Labs

  7. Weekly LIVE Doubt clearing Sessions

Link: https://rootsh3ll.com/wireless-security-video-course/

You can clear any query here/PM or via email (harry@rootsh3ll.com)

Enrolment for early birds is $148. and after the official launch (August 7) price will be increased to $197.

I also have a corporate plan for this course. If you buy this course for 5 or more people the effective cost of the course will be $99 only. No coupons needed. just add to cart and raise the quantity to 5 or more. The discount will be applied automatically.

Course Description Link: https://rootsh3ll.com/wireless-security-video-course/

Q. Can this be completed around a full time job? No way my company will give 12 weeks for in work time study.

A. I think Yes, If you break it in smaller parts, it should be doable.

Here’s the basic structure of the course:

2-3 hours a week of learning (2 classes of 1 hour each and 1 weekly LIVE session for doubt clearance)

CTFs in exclusive labs (not shared ones like OSCP)

Since the videos will be downloadable and you’d have lifetime access to the account and forums. The 12-weeks could possibly be stretched as per convenience.

Q. Is there any discount?

A. The service including the labs at this price point is already very competitive considered to other offerings in the industry under same topic. But I do have a corporate plan discount. Which says if you get minimum 5 people for signup, you’ll automatically get $49/each off.

For example, You signup 6 people for $888 (148*6) you’ll automatically get a discount of $294 ($49*6). So spread the word in your office and ask your boss to get your team the course at $99 before August 7th!

Q. Can I download the videos?

Yes. You can watch the videos in 2 way.

  1. Download the videos at full-res

  2. Stream them from you account

Both options will be provided to the student at no extra cost.

Q. I have no experience in network security at all, is it beginner friendly?

A. Absolutely!

First 2 weeks will be used to teach and build the basic foundation of student for the course.

Just make sure you have a simple understanding of WiFi and have working knowledge of Linux, specifically BaSH. Rest will he taken care of.

Also, if you find it hard to stay in sync know that I’d be always available for help. personally (harry@rootsh3ll.com) and via student forums as well. So you are never left out 🙂

Basics of networking will be taught in first 2 weeks. What is a packet, OSI model etc. and remaining classes will have their own theory before practical attack/defense. to keep it low on the overwhelming side

Q. How long will you have the early bird slots open?

A. August 7th. After that the price will increase to $197. And I don’t do marketing gimmicks 🙂

Q. Will I get a refund?

A. NO. Since this is first run of this course I cannot guarantee and afford to provide a refund. But you wouldn’t regret it either. 😉

Q. Do your courses have subtitles? Some of us need accessibility?

A. Yes. Subtitles will be provided with videos to download and stream so you can enable/disable them on will. Along with that a transcript will also be provided beneath the videos so you can keep track of the theory while ignoring the video.

Let me know if you have any other question. I’d be happy to answer them all here or on email (harry@rootsh3ll.com)