Facebook data used by Cambridge Analytica may still be around – CNET


Facebook’s troubles over its handling of data continue. 

The data used by Cambridge Analytica — data that Facebook said had been deleted — may still be circulating. 

That’s according to a report from the UK’s Channel 4 News, which saw some of the information, which included details on 136,000 individuals from Colorado. 

The data, which Cambridge Analytica inappropriately used in crafting political ads after a researcher gathered it from the social network, is at the core of a privacy scandal roiling Facebook. It drew from 50 million Facebook users and included profiles on people’s personalities and psychological details.

Facebook insisted early on that all of the data obtained by Cambridge Analytica was destroyed.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had to apologize publicly for the incident, and lawmakers have been clamoring for him to testify before Congress about the matter. Facebook, meanwhile, has offered its users new ways to better control who has access to their data.

Cambridge Analytica said it never passed the data to an external party, and that it deleted the information after Facebook contacted it in 2015. The firm, however, didn’t comment specifically on the Channel 4 report. 

Facebook wasn’t available for comment. 

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