Organisations with Threat Detection platforms can cut time taken to identify a threat by 80 percent

A new Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by AlienVault, a leading crowdsourced threat intelligence provider, examined the potential return on investment (ROI) for organisations that deployed the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) Platform and has revealed excelling results for the product.

Organisations that deployed the AlienVault solution saw an 80 percent improvement in threat detection and incident response time, effectively reducing the risk of a security breach and bringing down the average costs of a cyber incident.

With the average cost of a cyber attack reportedly costing $11.7m a year, this could be some welcomed news for organisations seeking to invest in a new security solution.

The research also revealed that organisations that utilised the cloud-based security monitoring solution, AlienVault USM Anywhere, would save more than $40,000 annually in threat intelligence spending.

“The results of the study are clear – there are significant benefits to our differentiated approach,”  said Barmak Meftah, AlienVault’s president and CEO. “A SaaS-driven deployment model that integrates critical security capabilities into a unified platform enabling faster detection and response to threats. We commissioned this study from Forrester to help organisations and partners better understand why it’s time to re-think how they approach security.”

Furthermore, the research which was carried out by Forrester and based on in-depth AlienVault customer interviews and analysis, uncovered that over a three-year period, organisations will also see a return on investment of up to six times as well as see a reduction in compliance reporting by 94 percent, a saving of nearly 6,000 hours of compliance reporting for auditors.

Meftah continues saying, “in addition to operational efficiency gains, organizations can reduce risk while ensuring compliance mandates are met to help drive business growth. To detect security threats and manage compliance, many organisations and MSSPs are using traditional point solutions, but this approach is expensive and resource intensive.”

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