Multiple (Android) apps use the combined permissions to siphon personal data

New paper: Distinguishing between malicious app collusion and benign app collaboration: a machine-learning approach

Two or more mobile apps, viewed independently, may not appear to be malicious – but in combination, they could become harmful by exchanging information with one another and by performing malicious activities together. Today, we publish a new paper by…

VB2016 paper: Wild Android collusions

At VB2016 in Denver, Jorge Blasco presented a paper (co-written with Thomas M. Chen, Igor Muttik and Markus Roggenbach), in which he discussed the concept of app collusion – where two (or more) apps installed on the same device work together to…

VB2017 paper: The life story of an IPT – Inept Persistent Threat actor

At VB2017 in Madrid, Polish security researcher and journalist Adam Haertlé presented a paper about a very inept persistent threat. Today, we publish both the paper and the recording of Adam’s presentation.

Five reasons to submit a VB2018 paper this weekend

The call for papers for VB2018 closes on 18 March, and while we’ve already received many great submissions, we still want more! Here are five reasons why you should submit a paper this weekend.

First partners of VB2018 announced

We are excited to announce the first six companies to partner with VB2018.