Facebook–while it apologizes for scandal–funds campaign to block CA data-privacy

Why are people surprised by all this? I am seriously confused. We know corporations do this. We have protested about Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, etc in the past. Why are we surprised Big Tech is doing the exact same thing?

A lot of these tech companies had revolving doors with the ruling administration of the country for 8 years. They have been deeply embroiled in politics for decades. Ironically, Microsoft circa late 1990s serves as a great lesson when you don’t have a revolving door with politicians. In my humble opinion, Shkreli is another example of people who didn’t kiss the Godfather’s hand.

If you got duped by “Don’t be evil” or the other “make the world a better place” propaganda by these tech companies, some of the biggest companies this world has ever seen — then that is on your ignorance. I don’t blame Big Tech at all. They will (and should) use the same formula as the other Big Corps for their own self interests. That is what our system requires of them, for better or for worse. We as citizens and consumers should have been vigilant. And to be fair, many on HN have always been vigilant about Big Tech.

In my opinion, people have no right to criticize FB or Google today if they did not feel a chill run down their spines after Snowden’s leaks or after AaronSw’s death.