Does the Cisco 4000 router series redefine the traditional role of routers?

Last month it was Catalyst 9000 switches, and this month its routers. Yes, my project engineering staff have had a surprising amount of inquiries regarding routers.

Routers vital to enterprise networks

When looking at distribution for an enterprise network, well-planned routing is the key to success. Routers can be absolutely vital for networks, as they connect a large amount of worksites within one large, umbrella-like network. At the enterprise level, they provide redundant paths, connect ISPs, and can translate data between different media.

In addition to routing packets to the right place, routers will select alternate routes when a link is compromised or traffic is heavy. Routers, Cisco routers in particular, work as a default gateway. And Cisco’s 4000 router family, while it has been out for a while, is worth another look.

Cisco’s 4000 router family is a serious upgrade from the older 1900/2900/3900 families — but not so different that they blow your mind.