Smart Suitcases: Raden A28, Rimowa Limbo Multiwheel Electronic Tag

Increase your total baggage awareness with some technologically enhanced luggage.

1. Raden A28
Best for: Chronic overpackers
Raden’s polycarbonate case’s minimalist style disguises its inner smarts. The companion app uses the handle’s digital scale so you won’t get surprised by extra fees at check-in, and its geolocating feature helps pinpoint your suitcase at baggage claim. Be sure to ask if the bag’s phone-boosting battery can be checked on your flight.

2. Rimowa Limbo Multiwheel Electronic Tag
Best for: Impatient jet-setters
This roller lets fliers on select airlines—Lufthansa, Swiss, EVA Air, and Austrian, with more soon—check their luggage using the airline’s app; your bag tag is sent to the tote’s E Ink display. While there’s no feature for tracking your bag’s whereabouts, the app does confirm when it’s stowed in the cargo hold.

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