Cisco, Verizon take Information-Centric Networking for a real-world spin

Cisco and Verizon teamed up recently to show off the content-aware technology they say will seriously improve the performance and security of networks of the future, including 5G wireless and IoT environments.

Cisco has long been a proponent of the technology known as Information Centric Networking (ICN), which lets applications request data by a name that is based on its content rather than its location (IP address).

Cisco says that by using such technology the network can locate and retrieve data dynamically from any source – an important feature for future mobile and IoT environments.  As for improving security, Cisco says the technology secures and authenticates the data itself, rather than setting up point-to-point connections to authenticated hosts.

Potential benefits include more efficient multicast and unicast support in 5G networks, granular load balancing and lower latency for sensitive applications like augmented and virtual reality and video. It also supports data security at the network layer that guarantees integrity for all data and can optionally provide confidentiality through encryption.