Walmart Partner Leaks Data Of 1.3 Mil Customers

In response to recent reports that a WalMart partner has exposed the personal data of 1.3 Mil US and Canadian shoppers, NuData Security commented below.

Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security:

“Many leading retailers are invoking exemplary security standards with technology and procedures but, unfortunately, fraudsters continuously take advantage of weak spots.

To protect customers who have had their information leaked, companies transacting online can implement multi-layered security solutions that don’t rely on static data such as credit card numbers, passwords or security questions. Not-so-new technologies such as passive biometrics are able to do exactly this: they evaluate a user’s inherent behavior online, so the companies know when a user is illegitimate even if the correct data – which was perhaps previously stolen – is presented. This way, online companies can render the stolen information valueless to cybercriminals, and thwart fraud attempts after a breach.”