This Woman Perfectly Summed Up How Wildly Different People Act On Twitter And Facebook With One Pic

Willingham told BuzzFeed News the couple celebrated all weekend with a bunch of activities.

“On his actual birthday we went to Terrace Cafe in Ballantyne for brunch and I got him a new necklace for a gift,” she said.

Although it was a joke — she noted that there was truth to it.

“The caption was really, really true,” Willingham told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday. “Because he’s very handsome.”

Willingham was worried that her Facebook audience might not have understood the Twitter caption.

But on Twitter, her favorite platform, “I don’t have to explain anything — everyone just gets it.”

She compared Facebook to LinkedIn and said that her audience there is her colleagues and family members and said that she could do without it.

“i wouldn’t go through anything we been through with anybody else,” her caption on the above photo, shared on Facebook, begins.

Whereas the photo on Twitter is described slightly differently, starting with the phrase, “wanna swallow half your babies…”

“I feel like Facebook is a lot more serious,” Brea told BuzzFeed News.

“It’s where hilarious things that happen on Twitter go to be taken seriously—while Twitter seems to be where my age group doesn’t censor themselves and we say the things we really want to without our aunts commenting asking if everything is alright.”