Things you should consider learning before trying to learn to hack

So you want to learn how to hack?

Well there’s a few things you should learn how to do before learning to hack. Some of these may be obvious to some but its not to everybody. Hacking is not something you can just learn to follow steps and practice like learning to play an instrument or learning to ice skate. Hacking is a type of complex problem solving using multiple skill sets and advanced knowledge of psychology, security, networking, computer hardware, programming, debugging and math. There is no one single path to learn how to hack, Everybody does it differently and their own way. The following is a list of things you should be very familiar with before you even consider trying to start hacking as a hobby. You don’t need to follow these in any particular order but they are all equally important so if there is anything you are not familiar with I suggest starting there. If anybody has something to add such as learning resources or additional advice feel free to post below and I will add it if I think it may help.

How to use most popular operating systems

Download a virtual machine of your choice and any of these operating systems you are not familiar with and try to use them as your main OS for like a week

Windows: These are the most basic to learn you will have to find your own way to get them ☠

Linux: This is what is used by most hackers as it gives you the most control over your system. They are open source and 100% free.

MacOSX: Unix but over priced and all the features removed. Not really worth becoming extremely familiar with unless you already use it. It is important to at least know it well enough to use it without getting confused.

How to build a computer from scratch

If you don’t know how a computer even works how do you expect to learn to hack it

How a computer thinks

Programming:Pick a language (or 6) and start learning. This is the most important of them all specifically debugging. This is what you will be doing most of them time.

How to manipulate people

The weakest point in nearly all security systems are the users themselves. It takes almost nothing to convince somebody to just hand over their password to you.

How computers talk to eachother

You need a good understanding of networking and network security to become a hacker. This is basically what your entire hobby is based on more or less.


These are by no means required but will give you a huge jump start.