mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Tue Mar 20 15:55:51 UTC 2018

JDK 10, the first release produced under the six-month rapid-cadence
release model [1][2], is now Generally Available. We've identified
no P1 bugs since we promoted build 46 almost two weeks ago, so that
is the official GA release, ready for production use. GPL'd binaries from Oracle are available here: (There are links on that page to Oracle's commercial binaries, for
those who are interested.) Binaries from other implementors will no
doubt be available in short order. This release includes twelve features: Local-Variable Type Inference Consolidate the JDK Forest Garbage-Collector Interface Parallel Full GC for G1 Application Class-Data Sharing Thread-Local Handshakes Remove the Native-Header Generation Tool Additional Unicode Language-Tag Extensions Heap Allocation on Alternative Memory Devices Experimental Java-Based JIT Compiler Root Certificates Time-Based Release Versioning along with, of course, hundreds of smaller enhancements. Thanks to everyone who contributed to JDK 10, whether directly or
indirectly. Considering the enormous change that we just made to
the release model, this all went pretty smoothly! - Mark [1]

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