IDG Contributor Network: The 4 decision makers at each company who drive how IoT is used

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming important to remain competitive for almost every industry out there. Business goals for implementing IoT can range from improving internal operations to offering completely new services to improving regulatory compliance. But who at each company should be responsible for digging into this new world and defining how to implement IoT? We’ve learned that it’s important to have supporters across several groups to develop a truly successful IoT solution:

1. Initiative lead

Those who lead initiatives should always keep a pulse on competition, market conditions, changes in business models, risk assessment and supporting technologies among many other trends. This high-level perspective means executives should be the internal champions of initiatives like adopting IoT into an organization. Their involvement, however can range from setting high level direction and enabling teams within the organization to executing on an initiative directly.

An IoT project can be initiated from several members of the C-suite. The CEO is often a project champion who defines the long-term vision and business need. The COO can be very involved in projects that focus on internal operational improvement and the CTO is generally more involved with the improvement of external offerings or creation of new ones. The C-suite may also support project design, implementation and budgeting.

Most IoT solutions also involve an element of partnership between the IoT vendor and the implementing company since each side needs the expertise of the other to make things work and deliver ongoing ROI. This is why the head of partnerships or a director involved with technical partnerships often takes leadership of the initiative, identifying the right IoT company (or companies) and executing proof of concepts in the early stages.